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Team Work is the recipe for success in case of IVF

reusita unei proceduri fiv

Team Work is the recipe for success in case of IVF

The success rate of an IVF procedure is affected by many factors, however among the most important are the qualification, experience and dedication of the medical team. The success of this procedure involves perfect coordination between multiple medical specializations involved in the treatment, the maternal organism, which must be well prepared and the embryo, which must be of a very good quality. The embryologist and clinician performing the in vitro fertilization play an important role in the success of the intervention.

The success rate of in vitro fertilization is influenced by a large number of factors, among others, factors depending on the respective couple and the team performing the procedure. In the case of couples, age, living environment and especially pathology play an important role in calculating the success rate. Regarding the medical team, the equipment of the clinic is highly relevant (medical devices, consumables used, growth mediums) but more so, the experience of the specialists involved. At the Columna Medical Center you will find a dedicated team of top specialists offering medical services at European standards and state of the art technical equipment.

The Columna Medical Center also excels as the only in vitro fertilization clinic in Romania, with 3 senior embryologists on the payroll. The clinic will offer you the best treatment available, featuring modern investigation and experience in the process of becoming parents.

Over the years we have often dealt with couples fighting with infertility for long periods of time, who put their whole trust and hope into the hands of our specialists. Their stories motivate us every day and we are able to offer excellence in the treatment of infertility! The most precious moment is the one where the dream of being a parent becomes a reality. The moment when a couple is visiting us, showing us the miracle they are holding in their arms and thanking us for contributing to making it real, is priceless!

The physicians at the Columna Medical Center and IVF Academy will be happy to inform you in more detail about in vitro fertilization, during a consultation.



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