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Causes that determine infertility

Causes that determine infertility

Infertility is an issue that affects more and more couples, approximately one in six having difficulties in conceiving a child. Infertility represents the impossibility of conceiving a child in the course of one year of sexual intercourse, and the causes may be linked to both the woman’s health issues as well as the man’s.

The main causes that determine infertility in women

  • ovulation disorders

This disorder determines infertility in women and may include irregular menstruation or their absence, arterial hypertension, elevated levels of insulin in the blood, excessive body hair and weight problems. Also, the hormonal imbalance may be caused by great weight variations.

  • Deterioration of the uterine tubes (tubular infertility)

Sperm is blocked to enter and fertilize the egg released by the ovaries when the uterine tubes are described as damaged or blocked. This is how infertility appears. The uterine tubes are affected or blocked due to:

– Infections – pelvic inflammatory disease, especially with chlamydia

– Abdominal surgical interventions

  • Endometriosis

Endometriosis consists in the development of the endometrium, the mucosae that lines the uterus’s inner walls, somewhere else rather than the normal placement such as at the level of the ovaries, the uterine tubes, the internal abdominal wall, urinary bladder, intestine; sometimes reaching the lungs, spinal cord and even the brain.

  • Narrowing or blocking of the uterine cervix

This infertility leading problem is manifested by producing low quality cervical mucus and does not aid in the mobility of sperm and the egg’s fertilization.

Main causes that determine infertility in men

  • Sperm dysfunction

Most cases of male infertility are due to a low number of sperm cells that is usually associated to an increased percentage of related defects (size, shape, mobility).

  • Varicocele

This infertility leading phenomenon is manifested by the dilation of scrotum veins. These veins are dilated due to the inadequate drainage of the blood. The dilated veins allow the stagnation of additional blood quantities in the scrotum, which has a negative effect on the production of sperm cells.

  • Anti-sperm cell antibodies

Some men may produce antibodies against their own sperm.

  • Testicular insufficiency

Testicular insufficiency is a generic term to describe the testis’ incapacity to produce mature sperm cells or hormones. Among the causes for this infertility related disorder we can state chromosomal anomalies, testicular trauma, illness and infections that affect the testis.

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