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Welcome to the natural fertility stimulation program FERTISTIM!

Welcome to the natural fertility stimulation program FERTISTIM !

The program has been created to aid couples who desire a child and up to now they have not managed this. The program is also intended for couples who are preparing for assisted human reproduction or for intrauterine insemination. Not in the , FERTISTIM is dedicated to patients with prior miscarriages, those with permanent or age related ovarian failure, patients with micropolycystic ovaries, endometriosis, uterine fibromatosis, infertility of unknown origins.

FERTISTIM desires to bring you to the period where infertility was almost unknown. A doctor in the 80’s diagnosed on average 2 cases of infertility per year. Now a doctor diagnoses 2 cases of infertility an hour. Supertechnologized life, unhealthy diet, alert stressful life style, are only some of the main factors that affect fertility in our times. We cannot give up on technology but we can protect ourselves from its damaging effects. We may not be able to eat only bio food every day but we can choose food that has a proven pro fertility effect. These foods are rich in nutrients that regulate the endocrine system, immunity and psycho – emotional balance.

FERTISTIM does not guarantee a pregnancy but it will help you improve your chances of success both naturally and also with the aid of an assisted human reproduction method.

In order to help as many couples as possible, FERTISTIM has more than one variant. Thus, for couples who are not from Bucharest or cannot come weekly for attending the program there is the remote option, online. This consists in filling in of an enlistment form, then sending it by e-mail. Following the study of your answers, the informative documents shall be selected and sent by email. You will be in permanent connection by e-mail with the program coordinator who shall guide you on what you should do for 3 months. Thus, he shall recommend that you do monitoring ultrasounds in certain days of the cycle and then send in the result. Depending on the result, the program coordinator shall recommend you to have intercourse in the period of maximum fertility. This shall only occur at the beginning of the program because during its performance you shall learn to establish your fertility period on your own and have intercourse during this period.

The information materials contain:

  • Pro fertility nutrition program (also contains useful recipes), for both partners
  • Detoxification program (the first step to improving fertility), for both partners
  • Calculation of fertile period program (personalized)
  • Emotional implications of the fertility process
  • Stress – the no. 1 enemy of couple’s fertility
  • Recommendation of pro fertility nutrition supplements program (personalized , recommendations being sent by e-mail)
  • What drugs are prescribed and which are forbidden in the conception preparation period
  • Food mistakes that may reduce the couple’s fertility potential
  • Recommendation for life style, recommendations regarding the decrease of negative effects due to using modern technology
  • Recommendations regarding the increase of ovocyte and sperm cell (recommendations shall be strictly personalized)
  • Individualized, recommendations regarding micropolycystic ovaries syndrome, endometriosis, low quality sperm, luteal phase defect, hypothyroidism, uterine fibromatosis, unexplained infertility, repeated abortions, preparation for intrauterine and/or in vitro insemination.
  • Recommendations regarding the subsequent treatment phases, step by step.

Questions on your behalf shall be addressed through the e-mail especially destined for this program (communicated at the beginning of the program).

The in site version of FERTISTIM shall be performed in Bucharest within Columna Medical Centre. There are 3 versions, namely 1.5 months (especially for patients already programed for IVF), 3 months and 6 months, all being identical under the aspect of content, the difference being time frame. The optimum version for a good preconception preparation is 3 months (6 months optional).

All online program mentioned stages shall be contained by the in site version, with the difference being that the materials shall be distributed in printed format. Additionally, the couples shall benefit from two categories of pro fertility procedures, twice a week, for the purpose of increasing the chances of success in obtaining a pregnancy as well as psycho – emotional rebalancing and reducing the negative effects of stress. Thus, couples shall benefit from laser – acupuncture (acupuncture without needles) on specific fertility points for the good development of the endometrium and the follicles as well as the quality of sperm (9 – 12 appointments on average) and of Qi Gong therapy. The latter consist in fine body movements that bring the organism’s energies in a perfect balance (the Qi Gong technique harmoniously complements the laser-acupuncture treatment). Also, meditation within the Qi Gong program shall have a beneficial effect against the effects of stress, as we said, the no 1 enemy of fertility. Also, as part of the in site program, the couples shall be taught to practice pro fertility massage as well as pressure-puncture on the fertility points.

We wish that, through this program, we increase the real chances of pre procreation, regardless of the method, with up to 50%. This depends on the strictness with which you shall observe the recommendation proposed and the desire and perseverance to accomplish the desired dream.

Enlistment in the program shall be made by phone at 021.308.80.80, following that the subsequent details will be communicated directly.



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